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Ginzaki reviews Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

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Ginzaki reviews Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Post by Ginzaki on 11/23/2011, 10:49 am

Game: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Genre: FPS
Developer: 343 Industries, Bungie, Certain Affinity
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Platform(s): Xbox 360

Well this release has given me a nice gift. The ability to talk about a very popular older title without doing a retro review is hard to come by. Then again I could, and probably will, say the same thing when Silent Hill 2 HD comes out.

Just about everyone has heard of Halo. In today's society it sits as one of the hallmarks of what gaming has to offer. It's protagonist is even the mascot of it's console of mainstay.

When this game came out it was rare to see a console first person shooter. The personal computer dominated the market in that category. We could argue for hours about the transition even being necessary. However one thing is very clear about Halo. It was an amazing accomplishment for it's time.

So now on after a decade of my life being spent playing this game I get the chance to nitpick it's new duds. Christmas has come early indeed. "Why?", you must be asking yourself. Well it's simple. Halo was the first of it's kind, and it's remake is very faithful to it.

The first thing to mention is that the graphics are gorgeous. Everything has been given a nice bit of HD crispness that really helps the game feel alive. This coming as stark contrast to it's predecessors dull, dark, and flat design. Plus the ability to switch back and forth at a moment's is notice a nice touch.

The controls are fairly good for the most part, but when you get into a vehicle the fun really starts. The vehicles drive like they're on the moon, and control can become an issue to those who aren't used to it. Plus the ghost has a hard time running over things simply because you have to hit them dead center or they just pass right through. While that could be advantageous you will rarely fight enemies in them without superior fire power.

The weapons are fairly nice, except for the fact that balancing never seemed to be an issue. The pistol might as well be a sniper rifle, with the sniper taking up the position of anti-tank cannon. The shotgun has more accuracy, power, and range than should even be considered fair (which the GoW3 team should have noted, because if the masses are gonna B**** you should give them a reason.) Assault rifle is a devastating weapon of choice, as it has very good stopping power and a large magazine. As for the rocket launcher, it's fairly standard fair.

The covenant weapons are amazingly underwhelming to make things simple. The story says that the covenant are winning because of superior fire power, but this game would blow that out of the water.

The music is a good adrenaline pumping mix, and the HD upgrades have only improved upon it.

Story in an FPS normally gets dumped into another car and driven off a cliff. However in Halo a compelling story is woven, and is still compelling after 10 years. Plus the characters are fairly likable for what you actually see of them.

This leaves the additional content. The multiplayer is cut and paste of Reach so nothing special seeing as we've played all the new maps in previous games. Skulls return as collectable items with varying difficulties of retrieval, and terminals are added to each level to add a bit of depth to the story. Nice touches to an already exemplary game.

Chalk all of that up for only $40, and you have quite the deal on your hands. Halo still withstand the tests and criticisms of a discerning gamer. This stands as nice reminder that sometimes a it's alright to aim high, because you never know what might happen. If that was too cryptic for you, it was a stab at PC gaming purists.

Join us next time for Ginzaki reviews Skyrim...if I can ever finish the damned thing.

EDIT: Afterthought that slipped my mind. The online co-op is very laggy. It might have something to do with the game rendering both the old and new games at the same time. This is just a guess, I don't have the technical knowledge to know how plausible it is or not.

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